The Center for the Advancement of Training in Clinical Hypnosis (CATCH) provides a full clinical training program in hypnosis for licensed professionals in the mental health and health field. The curriculum includes Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Courses and individual and group consultation. Courses are presented in the format of lecture, demonstration, and small group practice and are held on weekend days.

The Center for the Advancement of Training in Clinical Hypnosis (CATCH) provides all requirements necessary for certification by the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). Founded in 1957 by Milton H. Erickson, MD, the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis is the professional credentialing organization in the United States for mental health and medical professionals who use clinical hypnosis in their work. ASCH is dedicated to continued scientific research that focuses on the recognition of clinical hypnosis as an important tool in the treatment of a broad spectrum of physical, mental and emotional problems.

Our faculty members are highly trained, licensed clinicians experienced in teaching both Ericksonian and Permissive Hypnosis. You may read biographies of our teaching staff by visiting our Faculty page.

The Center for the Advancement of Training in Clinical Hypnosis (CATCH) is an organization that specializes in teaching the theory and practice of clinical hypnosis to licensed mental health and medical professionals. Our students include psychologists, clinical social workers, physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, and other health professionals. We are located in New York City and our courses and our courses and consultation are offered in Manhattan and Westchester.

Because of the varied professional backgrounds of our students, there is a rich and lively interchange of ideas and perspectives and a good opportunity for networking. Our classes are small and the atmosphere is geared to an intimate learning experience.

Students completing our program have a solid understanding of hypnotic theory and the various approaches to using clinical hypnosis. Because the training devotes substantial time to hands-on practice and demonstrations, students have learned numerous techniques for hypnotic inductions and a wide variety of approaches for integrating hypnosis into their professional work.

Our students and graduates take their hypnotic understanding and skills and utilize it in a variety of ways in their offices. Some develop specialties in particular areas of hypnosis, while others choose to integrate their hypnotic training into their on-going clinical practice with patients.

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